There’s no way one can avoid social media completely. We are social creatures. Even if you close all your accounts and remove all the apps, you would still be influenced by other people’s behaviors and opinions, and those probably got a high load of influence from social media and so on.

You can indeed make money producing content online. It is also true that social media platforms can boost your reach. However, the majority of the population is just consuming and creating poor content that will never lead to a financial reward.

I would consider myself in the above situation. I’m not in a fair trade with social media. Not that I ever felt I could be. But the fear of missing out makes me play the game without even thinking about it.

Most of the value generated from our actions is turned into revenue for the big techs. In exchange for that, you will be gifted with a subtle dependency on the feedback you could receive if you saw something good enough.

If you can’t escape from it, maybe it’s a good idea to spend some time implementing filters to avoid the consumption of unhealthy content. You need to feed yourself, just not with junky food.