Hi, my name is Patrick.

I was born in Recife, PE (Brazil) in 1990 and lived there until June 2015. Currently, I'm an exchange student at Portland State University (PSU).


My first programming language was C, which I've spent several nights playing with pointers and data structures. That wasn't so bad, but suddenly became interested in how web pages are created, so I gave a try to some languages such as PHP, Python and Javascript.

The last one captivated me with its low barriers to entry, omnipresence and potential. Since then, I have strived to learn deeply about it.

I'm working mainly with Node since the beginning of 2014.


I consider myself in the beginning of a breathtaking journey through the world of web development. However, if I had to summarize what my experiences until now, I would mention:

Startup Weekend Recife (2012) and FEEC Startup Energy (2012)

I was honored with the first place in both competitions. The project was called Toca.la and consisted of a mobile app for choosing songs in parties, bars and restaurants. Technologies used: Python (Django), Node.js (Socket.io)


I've worked as an intern in this small company building great web applications for medium-sized clients. Technologies used: Javascript, Java (Play Framework)


Full-time job building web applications related with information security. I've worked as the main developer of a educational phishing platform called El Pescador. The product was recently sold to a big player at security intelligence.
Technologies used: Node.js (MEAN)

I'll try to put my public code in my Github and write about it in my Blog, but I'm not sure if I'll keep pace. Here are some other links you might want to check:

(503) 820 9689 | dev[at]patrickrbc.com